Don’t Forget the Skimmers.

Written By: Hannah Hitchcock


What gets you reading a blog? Is it the briefness of the blog? The short and helpful tips? Or is it the condensed version of the answer you were looking for? Either way, as a blogger and lover of reading blogs, one thing I can say about myself is that sometimes, I’m a skimmer. 


What does that mean? Are you a skimmer? How do you write for skimmers and when should you write for skimmers? 


When I say that I am a “skimmer,” I mean that when I look up a blog and see they have 3 tips to help me achieve what I’m searching for, I usually just scroll down to the 3 tips…Should I do this? Probably not. Do you appreciate the time and effort the writer did to compose that blog? OF COURSE…But skimming does save me time in the long-run if I am in a rush. Mainly, I do this when I am searching for something specific, I am not a skimmer 100% of the time, but I can’t deny my skimmer-reading ways, because I definitely have them. 


Relate? Then, you’re probably a skimmer yourself. Welcome to the club.


What does that mean for me as a blogger? Well, it could mean a couple of things.


First and foremost, I need to learn how to write blogs for my fellow skimmers. Because in the harsh light of reality, sometimes skimming through a blog is enough for some people, and that’s okay. Why? Because that person who skimmed through my blog still chose to read and go through my blog. That is still a win! 


So, how do I write for the skimmers? Speaking as a fellow member of the Skimmer club, I think there is one characteristic that skimmers look for when hunting down the blog they are going to read. Tips. Yup. Short and sweet tips. Usually from 3-5 tips will lure the skimmer into your blog post and get them reading. 


Should you write for skimmers all the time? Well, yes and no.


How would you define blogging? For myself, I would define it as a brief story or informational 1- 4-page paper that can help readers get through what they need. Usually, blogs are funny, light, and personable. Full of sarcasm, quotes, tips, and relatable content. 


It is unrealistic to only write for one type of reader, ie. skimmers. So, instead, follow what you think your blog’s culture should look like. Skimmers will read what is easy for them to gather what they need. Other readers will read it for the sheer fact that they love to read and the blog is something that interests them. 

Understand this.


Skimmers will occasionally read blogs that they will have to read more carefully. Why? Well, speaking from personal experience, sometimes skimming isn’t enough. So continue to write your blogs the way you do. Your writing can spark something in more than one type of reader. Let the skimmers come to you and let the other readers come too.


From one blogger to another.


It can be super stressful when we get caught up in how people read our blogs. One thing that helps me is to think about WHY they are reading my blog… Do they find my tips helpful? Is my blog an easy read for them? This helps me write better and clear my head of any thoughts of how I should include every type of reader for my blog. 


Your blog is unique. Let the readers come to you and discover that for themselves. 


Who knows! You might inspire a skimmer to become a committed reader, hey it’s possible!


Hope this helps you! 

Happy Blogging!


Hannah Hitchcock the Marketing Coordinator at Holmes, a full-service marketing agency, in Springfield, Ohio. Holmes specializes in equipping businesses to be the hero of their own stories. We believe in authentic human connection and collaboration. Ready to have a true partner for your company’s marketing efforts? 


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