Our TeAm becomes your team.
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Brian Holmes, Chief Officer of Operations

937-325-1509 Ext. 100

Brian is the master of operations. Since 1974 Brian has been on the Holmes team and gives 100% every day. He manages the streamlines sites, oversees production and gives back-up support to our whole team. Brian is great at finding new ways to meet clients’ needs and help them discover different opportunities to enhance their business


Carisa Peters, Chief Officer of People

937-325-1509 Ext. 102

Carisa is the heart of Holmes. Her ability to partner and oversee all of the different areas has made the Holmes team feel like family. Carisa has been around the business since 1974 and grew up learning and loving the business. Her main focus is human relations, financial and client experience. Carisa helps whoever and whenever she can! Multi-talented is an understatement when describing Carisa.

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Kevin Holmes, Chief Officer of Accounts

937-325-1509 Ext. 101

Kevin the architect of relationships. Since 1974, Kevin has been on the Holmes team and grew into his current position. His main focus is company revenue and multiple marketing functions. He is great at nurturing client relationships, discovering different paths and finalizing multiple projects for the best outcome for our clients. With his positive personality and great communication skills, working with Kevin is a breeze.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

– Helen Keller


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Lisa Holmes, Speaking & Business Development


Meet the spokesperson of Holmes. Since January 2018, Lisa Holmes has been a great addition to the Holmes team. She mainly focuses on meeting existing and potential clients and walking them through their marketing journey. Lisa is also great at connecting and creating lasting impressions with our clients. Meet Lisa at her next speaking event or monthly Koffee talk!

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Matthew Metzger, Production Manager

937-325-1509 Ext. 110

Our Production Manager, Matthew, has been a part of the team since 2009. His creative personality and dedication to consistency has greatly influenced our production standards. Matthew handles our production workflow and guarantees the quality of all print projects. His commitment to quality control is part of what makes him a key member of our team.

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Jenny Reolfi, Lead Designer

937-325-1509 Ext. 114

Jenny is our Lead Designer. Her creative personality and amazing designs have inspired Holmes since she joined the team in 2017. Jenny focuses mainly on graphic design and implementing the marketing strategy. With her love of graphic design and her out of the box thinking, Jenny can make any graphic design project a work of art.

“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.”

– Napolean Hill


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Holly Fyffe, Administrative Coordinator

937-325-1509 Ext. 106

Holly brings the fun to Holmes. Since 2012, her energetic personality sparks creativity for everyone around her. Holly manages a wide variety of accounting duties and provides excellent client support. In addition to handling all the numbers, Holly is vital in supporting to every part of the Holmes administrative process.


Fred Peters, Production Specialist

937-325-1509 Ext. 112

Fred re-joined the Holmes team in 2019 as the Production Specialist. In his position, Fred adds the finishing touches to every project. When it comes to signage installation, Fred’s skills are second to none. His experience in the technical fields helps him make exact measurements and have accurate precision for every installation.

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Hannah Hitchcock, Marketing Coordinator

937-325-1509 Ext. 109

Hannah joined the Holmes team in 2019 as our Marketing Coordinator. From day one, her expertise and unique perspective has refreshed our internal marketing. She primarily oversees all our social platforms while creating engaging content for Holmes. Hannah also ensures our revenue team has the information, content, and tools needed to succeed.

We want to help you succeed! With our team of talented, intelligent and humble individuals, we promise to help you to the best of our ability! Contact us today and get started on your marketing journey.