Written By: Lisa Holmes I had the privilege this year to be a mentor and sit on the committee of TEDxYouth, Dayton. TEDxYouth gives young adults the opportunity to speak their minds and give their take on certain topics that they are passionate about. As an adult attending these events,
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Written by: Hannah Hitchcock   When you think of the word target audience, what comes to mind? Usually, panic and some negative connotations towards the word come to mind. Why? Well first, and foremost, no one knew what target audience meant. That made things problematic. Secondly, the word target made
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  Written By: Kevin Holmes   In the business world, everyone is trying to get their brand out there and communicate with everyone in a wide variety of ways. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn. These are all social media platforms that businesses use every day. The question is: are businesses utilizing
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Well-being is defined as the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy. I would venture to say that the majority of employees are not putting enough emphasis on their well-being in their careers. Does this sound like you? Are you just getting by in your career or are you thriving?
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Written By: Adrianna Kegley Wondering where you should post on your Instagram? We’ve all been there. Truth is, we all could use some more information on what the best methods are for Instagram. So, let’s check out the advantages and disadvantages of both kinds of Instagram posting to figure out
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Written By: Kevin Holmes How many times a day do you think you look at some type of screen? Whether it is your computer, tablet or cell phone. How many times? Now I want you to think about how much of that screen time was intentional or passive time? Odds
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  Written By: Hannah Hitchcock First off we have to expand on what readable content means. Typically, readable content means that the words that you are writing flow nicely, arent wordy (don’t make the reader have to work to decipher what you meant) and lastly, be brief.  So, let’s talk
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Written By: Carisa Holmes-Peters   Looking back on the year 2019,  I have decided to get real with my fellow small business owners and leaders out there. Why share my experiences or be vulnerable? Well, If through sharing our story, I can save one fellow leader from the frustration of
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Written By: Hannah Hitchcock Maintaining several social media platforms can be a tedious and daunting task to handle. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and more. All social media channels can be a great tool for a business to reach and communicate with new clientele.   A social media schedule is a
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