Writing In Circles? Here are 3 Tips to Help!

Written By: Hannah Hitchcock


We’ve all been there. The place of no return. The blankness that hits your brain when you try to write a new blog post. 

Sure, you just got done brainstorming and you think you came up with three really good ideas. Great! But now, you realize that the three ideas are the same but worded differently. How do we get out of the writing-rut that we get ourselves in sometimes? 

Here are three tricks to help get your mind out of blankness and into creativity.



Sounds silly right? Why would you read when you are trying to write? I find it best that whenever I have a mind block to go and read someone else’s creative writing and let go of the headache that I have for a little bit.  

How does this help?

Sometimes reading other works that involve imagination, creativity and humor can help you come up with your unique ideas. Inspiration can come from anything! For a writer that can be hard sometimes, so don’t stray too far! Read a magazine or an article of some sorts to get your creative juices flowing.


Go outside

Nature can get the creative juices flowing. Sometimes it’s just nice to get some vitamin C and clear your mind of any clutter that might have inhabited there. 

Why should I go outside?

Well, It may not be outside. But you can go for a walk, maybe eat some food, or hammock in your backyard! It is mainly about disconnecting yourself from your computer or notebook for a little while to reconnect your creative juices to your brain. 

Studies have shown that being in nature helps release tension and stress! It’s science! Just go outside for a little while and let nature do its magic. 


Social Media

Taking a breather and scrolling through social media can help you get random ideas from posts that you see. I have had some great ideas from something that wasn’t even relative to the post but was inspired by something I thought about when I saw the post.

People are naturally creative and interesting. Sometimes by just seeing what someone posted, relative or not, can help you start thinking of an idea for a blog post. 

Easy right? Just sit on social media for a couple of minutes and wait for the inspiration to flow out of you! 

That’s it! Three easy tricks to help you climb over that mental block and get back to doing what you love!

Happy blogging!

Hannah Hitchcock is a consultant with Holmes, a full-service marketing agency, in Springfield, Ohio. Holmes specializes in equipping businesses to be the hero of their own stories. We believe in authentic human connection and collaboration. Ready to have a true partner for your company’s marketing efforts? Contact us today!