Why Holmes?

We believe in authentic human connection and collaboration. We accomplish this through creating responsibly, helping our fellow person, sharing stories, and supporting our local community and economy. We just so happen to provide client-focused marketing solutions rooted in innovation, research, analysis, and results.

From 1974…to Now

When our parents first opened the Holmes doors in October of 1974, we were just a modest little printing company in Springfield, Ohio.

We had the honor of growing up in this American made family dream, and learned everything we know about hard work, determination and persistence from our mom and dad.

As we saw the industry of communication shift over time, we decided we wanted to be a part of the innovation. While the components were a more gradual shift, we officially re-branded as a full solution marketing agency in 2008. 

We are proud of our roots, and still see the value in physical marketing in tandem with digital aspects as well. 

It has been a crazy ride for us three. This business almost feels like another sibling at times: we grew up with it, we fought with it, we cried with it, and we love it. We can’t wait to help more small to mid-sized businesses realize the full potential of their marketing.

-Brian, Kevin & Carisa

The Holmes Promise

We promise to make decisions that are in your best interest, communicate openly and be a trusted partner.

The Holmes Core Values

We strive for a remarkable customer experience.

We are passionate and enthusiastic.

We value collaboration – we appreciate and respect each other.

We are creative problem solvers that do whatever it takes.

We encourage continuous improvement.