What is a Brand?

A great brand combines design, messaging, and strategy to evoke emotion and convey the value of your company to those inside and outside the organization.

Research & Discovery

We begin every new branding project by asking you the big questions to better understand your audience, vision, and background. This foundation helps us have a clear understanding of where you are versus where you want to go, and what we will need to do to get you there.

Designer sketching layouts and making notes while researching a project
Every project begins with research.

Brand Strategy

Once we get through our initial discovery phase, we get to work behind the scenes. We examine your company’s competitive environment to understand what motivates your customers and prospects. We review the information from the discovery session and brainstorm ideas internally. Then comes the fun part – execution.

Discussing Strategy in a Project Meeting

Identity Design Solutions

Through our thoughtful collaborative process, we develop your brand beyond the logo. Our marketing team creates beautiful identity design solutions that accurately depict who you are and what you’re all about so your target audience can experience a profound sense of belonging with your values, your culture, and your mission.

Brochure and Stationery for Springfield Pediatric Dentistry.


When the branding project is over, we’re not off and running. We’re here for you as a resource, whenever you need us. Whether you need ongoing support, or just a few hours of our time – we’ll help you move your brand from where it currently stands to where you want it to be.

Marketing Assessment

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Additional Services

Logo Design

An iconic image that represents your brand.

Branding Guide

A guide that helps you maintain a consistent identity.

Brand Message

Verbal elements of your brand that will make it tangible.