What is it like to Intern at Holmes Marketing Services?

Chas Video Intern Project

This past Spring, we had the opportunity to welcome Clark State Community College student, Chas Lutterloh, as our video intern. We wanted to share his experience, and decided the best way to do that was by interviewing him! You can read about his experience below…

Watch our newest Holmes video by Chas:

Why did you want to intern at Holmes Marketing Services?

I learned about Holmes in my 3rd semester at Clark State community college. My professor wanted to know what I wanted to do when I graduated college and I told him I was interested in marketing. I liked making videos and I thought I could produce marketing videos for clients… He told me a little about the company [Holmes Marketing Services] and about the unique work environment, then I was eager to try it out.

What did you want to gain from your internship at HMS?

Coming into the internship, I was very nervous. I’d never had a job at a creative workplace before, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I wanted to learn how to act professionally as a creator…

What was your favorite part of your internship?

Everyone I talked to was kind and offered their support. My favorite part was getting to know everyone through Thursday Jenga games and team meetings and talking to each other at the desk group.

I had a great time being around people who embraced fun.

Who influenced you the most at HMS and why?

I feel like I learned something from everyone I talked with. When I started I think Karleigh was the most influential because she had great ideas for what I could do for Holmes. We would talk through ideas for storyboards, how we would set up locations for shoots, and she gave me great advice about what could make my videos better.

Mike taught me just how amazing WordPress is for creating websites, he gave me a bunch of tips on coding and showed me resources that help polish a site.

Jenny helped me find new video equipment that fit within my limited budget that could help me start freelancing video services.

It’d be hard to say any one person was the most influential it felt like I was learning a lot from everyone.

What is the most valuable thing you learned at HMS?

At HMS I was able to solidify my skills as a videographer and grow my knowledge on creating websites. The most valuable thing I learned was what it feels like to work in a professional environment.

What was your experience like writing, shooting, editing, and producing the Holmes promotional video?

The idea for producing the Holmes promotional video started from a request from Lisa, who needed to make a video for Women in Business. Her project was to make a video that talked about Holmes and talked about her favorite things about Women in Business. She had the idea to make it into a full tour of the office, and she wanted it to be like a tour from the show ‘the Office’.

The day before the shoot Karleigh Jenny and I went through the Holmes office making sure the scenes were all set up… We set up lights in the hallway and in the break room. When Lisa got there for the day of the shoot, we wanted to do some test runs. We knew the video had to be under 1:00 minute, so we were practicing our timing and how quickly we could move from place to place.

There was a lot of nerves during the first day of shooting, and Lisa wanted to improve her delivery. I sent her the footage I had of her speaking, and she thought she could do a better job. We scheduled another day of shooting, and we got the shots we wanted.

After everything was shot and cleaned up, I was ready to start editing. I had about 2 hours of footage, I needed to cut down, find copyright free music, and produce all the effects…I learned how to do some cool effects with the text, and I found some music I thought would fit the mood.

Overall, I had 5 renders; each version got better with the feedback I got from the team.

The final version was really fun, and probably some of my best work at Holmes.

What advice do you have for future interns at HMS?

For future interns, I’d say make the most out of your time at Holmes. Talk with the teams and try to get their opinions on everything. You could learn a lot from everyone. Also, don’t hesitate to share your ideas. You’ll always get good feedback and it will make you a better creative professional.

Thank you to everyone at Holmes! I learned a lot from you guys, and I had a wonderful 5 months talking with everyone, playing Jenga and making videos for you. Good luck in the future; I hope to come back to visit sometime in the fall.

You can view Chas’s video here:

We asked some team members what they had to say about working with Chas:

“I enjoyed sharing with Chas what it can feel like to work with a team of fun creatives!” – Carisa

“He’s was a team player every step of the way, it was a pleasure working with and getting to know Chas.” – Jenny