Welcome to the World of Email Marketing!

Written By: Hannah Hitchcock

The email marketing world has been around for some time now and has been the ole’ reliable of online communication. While this world was here we also created some other worlds: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social platforms.  This brings up some interesting questions: with all of the new ways to communicate socially, do we really need email marketing anymore? Is this world still relevant enough to help businesses thrive, connect and grow their clientele?


Well, let’s take a look at what Email marketing is and what it does for us, shall we?

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is described by Wikipedia as, the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing.” What does that mean?

It means that anytime your business sends a group email to a current client or a potential client, you are taking part in the email marketing world. Email marketing is a great tool to use when you want to send a mass message of importance to a larger number of people. 

We now know what it is, what does it do?


Perks of Living in the Email Marketing World.

We know what email marketing is, but why do we need it? Easy, we need email marketing because of the simple fact that we can trace, create and determine what clients and messages are being sent out. With the ability to communicate with larger groups of people, there is also an option for communicating with the client one-on-one. 

I know what you’re thinking, “ can’t we do that with social media?”

The answer is no. Imagine this scenario. You are a local business with about 500-1200 clients and growing. You need to send a monthly newsletter to them, giving them information and updates on the business. You don’t have email marketing, but you have Facebook. You now have to direct messages to all of those people. You made a big group chat and are unable to follow or respond because there are around 500-1200 people in it…(also, messenger definitely has a limit on the number of people in a group.) This is why email marketing is amazing. 


Work smarter not harder – Allan F. Mogensen


Email marketing can transform how you communicate and connect with clients. Instead of having to make individual messages, make a large one and let the email marketing tool (Hatchbuck, HubSpot, MailChimp, etc.). Another great accessory to using email marketing is that you own and establish your client list. This is so important because you decide who and what gets sent out to your clientele. Unlike social media, you have the ability to decide what you want to do with a group of contacts. Social media channels can dictate and make decisions for your group page. This can lead to frustration and make communication difficult. 

So, is Email Marketing still thriving? Or is it on the brink of extinction? 

Well, that’s for you to decide. Email marketing is clearly still a viable tool for your business toolbox. Every tool can help unless you don’t use it the way it was intended. My experience with email marketing has been a breeze. There is no other way I would be able to fiscally and efficiently collect analytics from sending emails. When having over 600 clients, it is faster and easier to communicate with them on one channel instead of multiple. Email marketing has improved the communication game and offers creativity and customizable messages to your clients.  If you need to communicate with a large group of people and collect data from the activity of what you just sent, email marketing is the way to go. 


Happy Blogging!

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