Website Content: The First Step to Acquiring Specific Clientele

Written By: Kevin Holmes


At Holmes, we have a wide variety of clientele that requires different services based on their companies’ needs. Recently, companies seem to be having an issue with the lack of client flow to their website.

Usually, this means that they are getting the wrong clientele or no organic clientele from their website. A big issue right? Because now, the company starts to think there is something wrong with their website. 


So what do they do? They pay for ads. 

They paid for ads, and they say, ” We still are not getting any new clientele. Shouldn’t the paid ads work?” The answer is sure, eventually. Ads are not a quick fix to your problem, in fact, they are the opposite. More time and money will need to be invested in the ads before you see immediate results.

Ads need to be repetitive, we all know this from the super bowl. You see the funny commercials on TV and then you see them again on social media.

That is not on accident.

Ads work hard, and they are great for certain things, but they aren’t always necessary or required for the solution you need. Can ads be beneficial? yes! Is that the first step to solving your problem? Most likely not. 


What is your first step?

In our experience, usually, if your website is not getting any traffic flow or your clientele is not coming from there, oftentimes it’s one thing: the content on the website. 

The content on your website determines the content SEO, which leads to how clients find your website. Writing relative content that is geared towards your specific clientele will enhance the performance of your website.  

That’s it!

Simple right? Producing relative content that can be found by your clients, is a step in the right direction. This is something that can greatly influence how clients discover you and retain your services. One easy step of reviewing your content and making it client-specific. 


Here is a Quick-Tip from us at Holmes:

At Holmes, we get to know our clients and their services. We also do research and from gathering the information from meeting our clients, we get to know their clients! This helps us write relative content for their company and clientele.


Kevin Holmes is an owner and the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Holmes Marketing Services. He is passionate about giving Holmes clients the best possible experience and exceeding expectations. To discuss how to make your marketing work for you, or to learn more about Holmes, you can contact Kevin at