Utilizing Social Media in the Business Environment. 


Written By: Kevin Holmes


In the business world, everyone is trying to get their brand out there and communicate with everyone in a wide variety of ways. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn. These are all social media platforms that businesses use every day. The question is: are businesses utilizing these social platforms in the most useful way? 


First, what defines useful? Here are some things to consider when deciding if the platforms are useful. Social media can take a lot of time from someone throughout their day. So how do you manage your social media as a company without spending a terrible amount of hours actually on social media? Are you using that social platform purposefully and in the best way, not just as a communication tool? 


The term useful is specific to the goal of your company, but the social media platform that you’re using might not be useful to your business if you’re not utilizing it in the way it was intended.


Here are 3 ways to tell if your business is utilizing its social platforms in the most useful way.


Schedule Your Social Posts.

This is probably one of the most important ways to utilize ALL of your social platforms. Using social media schedulers like Hootsuite, SproutSocial, Zoho and many more will help you save time, improve posts, and get more engagement from followers. 


Most scheduling systems will gather analytics, help you come up with content if you’re having trouble and let you schedule posts in bulk. For example: when you know upcoming holidays are coming up, instead of waiting till the day of, you can schedule posts months beforehand. Saving you time and stress. 


The social media scheduling analytics feature is a great way to get more specific with your posting. All of this information is gathered from ONE social media scheduler. YOU don’t have to go to every social platform and gather the analytics individually and come up with times to post or content. It’s right at your fingertips! Utilize it!


Where Are Your Clients At?

Not getting the follows, likes or engagements that you want? Well, your client base might not be there. Meaning, if you’re only posting on LinkedIn, and not getting any engagement or new leads, the viewers that you want might not primarily be using that social platform. 


Why is this important?


It is important to understand and make adjustments to meet your clients where they are at.   This is key if you are wanting to create ongoing engagement and increase leads.


If you want to grow and use the social media platform to its best capabilities that’s great! Sadly, it won’t matter if none of the clients use that platform. The next step would be doing some research to see where most of the clientele that you want to reach are at. 


Post with a  Purpose.

A big loss is when businesses use social media platforms and don’t have a goal for them. Meaning, when you post something, what is this desired outcome for that post? Inform? Persuade? Engage? Without a goal in mind, that social post has zero purposes. 


Posting is a great tool! Use it wisely. 


Social media platforms are great for communicating with many people at one time. One post can reach 300 people in a matter of minutes! The message you send out there will gain attention, so make sure you’re giving them a purpose for that. Utilize your social media in a way that elevates your business. 



Kevin Holmes is an owner and the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Holmes Marketing Services. He is passionate about giving Holmes clients the best possible experience and exceeding expectations. To discuss how to make your marketing work for you, or to learn more about Holmes, you can contact Kevin at kevin@thinkholmes.com