Types of Instagram Posting: Where to Post on the Gram

Written By: Adrianna Kegley

Wondering where you should post on your Instagram? We’ve all been there. Truth is, we all could use some more information on what the best methods are for Instagram. So, let’s check out the advantages and disadvantages of both kinds of Instagram posting to figure out this mystery. But before we dive in, let’s take a moment to get to know or familiarize ourselves with Instagram posting.

What are Instagram Stories? 

Instagram stories allow users to post photos and/or videos to their “Story”. They are visible to the user’s followers but can be viewed by the public if the account is set to public. Stories are posted independently from photos and/or videos located on a profile but can be made a part of a page by highlighting the story. Lastly, they disappear after 24 hours. 

What are Instagram Posts?

Instagram posts are photos and/or videos that stay on your profile forever unless you archive or delete them. These posts appear on your profile like a grid and are excellent for getting discovered by new audiences.

Now that we know what Instagram Posts and Instagram Stories are, we can take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of Instagram posting and find out where to post on Instagram.

Instagram Story Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Very easy to use
  • Great for posting what you are currently up to
  • You can highlight stories on your profile
  • You can tag people and add location
  • You can see who views your story
  • Your followers or story viewers can react to your stories


  • You have to put in the work to get the results/look you are wanting
  • They disappear after 24 hours

Instagram Post Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Stays on your profile forever unless you archive or delete them
  • You can tag people and add location
  • A great way for getting discovered (only if your profile is public)
  • You can add up to 30 hashtags to your posts
  • People can like and comment on your posts


  • You can’t see who views your posts

So, how do we know where to post on Instagram? In my opinion, Instagram stories are more for what you are doing at the moment. Say you are out with some friends for ice cream or a coffee, you can take a picture with them or what you are eating, add your location, tag your friends, and you have a cool story for your day. Instagram posting is more for things you want to keep on your page permanently…events that you want to document.

Say you have a clothing business. What is the best place to post on Instagram in this situation? Like stated earlier, Instagram is amazing for getting discovered. You can add up to 30 hashtags to your posts that describe products that you sell, and gain new customers and profits. If you run your business through a company like Shopify, you can pair your online shop to your Instagram business profile and tag your products on both your posts and stories.

Instagram stories are a wonderful tool for businesses. You can create polls and ask questions to gain insights about what exactly your customers want from your company. This can also help in the promotion of greater engagement and genuine connections between you and your customers. From my viewpoint, there is no specific place that you absolutely need to post on Instagram for a business. I think that you should post it in both places. For example, whenever you make a post about a new product, share that post to your story to notify your story viewers you have a new post about that new product. 

It’s really just a personal preference. You are the one who gets to choose how you want your profile to appear. So, you do you!

Adrianna Kegley is a Clark State student and Marketing Intern at Holmes, a full-service marketing agency, in Springfield, Ohio. Holmes specializes in equipping businesses to be the hero of their own stories. We believe in authentic human connection and collaboration. Ready to have a true partner for your company’s marketing efforts? Contact us today!