The Perfect Pitch: You only have 15 seconds!

Written By: Hannah Hitchcock

“Strike two!” You glance around at everyone in the stadium and all you can think is that they have one more chance. The team you are rooting for is losing by two points. Bases are loaded and everyone is on the edge of their seat. This pitch will determine the rest of the game. 

You smell the faint aroma of stadium hot dogs and the only noise you can hear is the chewing of salty popcorn and nachos. The stadium is still. Left leg up, arm pulled back – the ball is thrown. 

Did I get your attention? 

It’s said that viewers give about fifteen seconds of their attention to a blog to gain their interest. Not a lot of time. So how do you make the perfect pitch to win the interest of the viewer and keep them reading?

Your Pitch

First Impression

When you are writing the first sentence of your blog post. Assume that the first sentence is like when you meet someone for the first time. 

Your initial first impression of someone is usually how they look and what they say. Apply this to your writing. Keep the idea that the first sentence is all it will take for a reader to keep reading. 

A lot of pressure right?

An easy way to get the pressure lifted from your fingers is to think of the past blogs you’ve read and how they kept you entranced in their writing. Is it humor? Asking questions? Or maybe it is just a powerful statement. 

Either way, you know what good writing looks like and sounds like. Use your experience to help you, you got this!

Get Creative

Fifteen seconds is not a lot of time, especially on the internet where everything is constantly changing. You know what a boring blog looks like. It’s the type of blog that has no personality, humor or the content is sloppy. 

Words matter, right?

Get creative with your words. That’s what their reading right? They saw your blog post and wanted to read it, so give them something good to read! Using synonyms for other bland words can help juice up your blog post.

Full Circle

Have you ever read a blog post and then at the end of it you were like,” okay…?” Usually, that happens when the author had a great idea and then as they were writing they shoved another one in there and then another one and so on. After all those ideas were compacted into one big blog post, your stuck feeling like you have no idea what you just read.

Don’t make your readers feel like that. 

When you’re writing, make sure to keep the goal or idea of the blog post always in mind when you are writing. This will help your blog come to a full circle when you are done!

That’s it! Is 15 seconds a short amount of time? Absolutely. Should this scare you off? Absolutely not! Keep a creative mind and running fingers and you will get where you need to be!

Happy Blogging!

Hannah Hitchcock the Marketing Coordinator at Holmes, a full-service marketing agency, in Springfield, Ohio. Holmes specializes in equipping businesses to be the hero of their own stories. We believe in authentic human connection and collaboration. Ready to have a true partner for your company’s marketing efforts? Contact us today!