TEDxYouth: An Amazing Experience To Remember

Written By: Lisa Holmes

I had the privilege this year to be a mentor and sit on the committee of TEDxYouth, Dayton. TEDxYouth gives young adults the opportunity to speak their minds and give their take on certain topics that they are passionate about. As an adult attending these events, I have learned and gained many different perspectives because of these amazing youth. Recently, I had the privilege of mentoring a TEDxYouth speaker named Alivia Hartpence. Mentoring Alivia was an amazing experience. As I walked her through the process of learning how to give a public presentation, it was wonderful to see her growth. Alivia gave her talk on March 5th at the Dayton Masonic Center and did an outstanding job. Her story inspired me and encouraged others. Here is her story.



Picture taken by Emerie

You’re More Than Your GPA. 

As a little girl, Alivia felt that she was smart because she could read chapter books in kindergarten and she started kindergarten at the age of 5 but when Alivia went to middle school everything changed for her, she no longer felt she was smart because she failed her first course and after that, she struggled with school assignments. In high school, she found Theory of Multiple Intelligences online and it gave her hope. Gardner theorizes that people do not have just an intellectual capacity, but have many kinds of intelligence. Alivia figured out that she had strengths such as interpersonal and Linguistic-Verbal intelligence. 


Inspiring right? Her talk was interactive and worth spreading to help kids know that there are so many different ways to be intelligent. Having mentored her and watched her give her presentation, I was so amazed at the confidence and maturity that came from her and the other young speakers. These young adults have a story, a past, and a bright future. They have wisdom and great views to share. Being an adult, it is refreshing to hear and see our younger community get out there and speak on topics that might be uncomfortable or an unpopular opinion from the rest of society. 



Picture taken by Emerie

Another great talk was Finding The Light In The Dark. This talk was about a young girl who is legally blind. She was shy in school and afraid she felt stuck. She found the courage to make extremely positive but scary choices to change her life.  Now she wants to be an architect, a designer for people who are legally blind or face other disabilities. A truly amazing story. At such a young age, this speaker has the maturity and leadership skills that an older adult would possess. She faces her fears and makes a hurdle in her life that seemed unattainable, attainable. 


I can honestly say all of the talks were wonderful, engaging and I learned so much. The younger generation is a generation to learn from. With their maturity, wisdom, and perseverance, we can definitely learn a thing or two from them. We just have to listen! 


To see some pictures of the TEDxYouth, Click Here

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