Team Member Spotlight: Matthew Metzger

Holmes Team Spotlight

Matthew Metzger, Production CoordinatorMeet Matthew Metzger! Matthew has been a part of the Holmes team since 2010. He oversees production and also runs all the digital print machines and wide format printers.

His favorite component of his job is being a part of the creation process. When asked what his favorite part about working at Holmes is, Matthew said, “My coworkers. It is nice to have people who are serious about their work, but are fun to work with as well.”

We sat down with Matthew and asked him a few questions about his role here at Holmes. Here’s what he had to say:

What does a “typical day” look like for you at the office?

I am responsible for overseeing the production of all printed collateral. I schedule work loads, check in with the production team to make sure tasks are being completed on time, and run all the digital print equipment from the color printers up to our wide  format printer.

What do you add to Holmes Marketing that sets us apart?

Since all production is done in-house, we oversee the quality of everything we produce. If there is an issue, we don’t just print it and send it off – we stop and fix it.

All our machines are color-matched to the Pantone standard. This means we can hit your branding every single time.

Jobs are checked during every step of the process from design to print to assembly to delivery. Everyone in Production wants each piece we create to look the very best it can. We recognize that each piece is not only a representation of your organization, but ours as well.

What skills have you gained or perfected while at Holmes?

I’ve become a color and printing expert, but I still see that there is room for me to learn more. I’ve also learned how to manage my time and an entire department. I have also learned a lot about teamwork – especially with working with team members outside of Production.

Who is one of your favorite clients and why?

We did some work with Rod Hatfield (which you can see some of his prints hanging in our office). His files were such high quality that we were really able to show off how precise our equipment really is.

What is your favorite memory to date at Holmes?

I’ve worked here for quite awhile so it is hard to have just one favorite memory. I would probably say the very first Holmes cookout we did around lunchtime. It was just a lot of fun to sit around with my coworkers and joke with each other.

Where is one area of your job you have noticed needed improvement and how are you working toward improving it daily?
We are always trying to be faster in Production while maintaining our quality. To get to that goal, we have become extremely methodical with our workload schedules in each area along with adding in a daily 5 minute quality meeting to ensure we stay on top of everything.