Team Member Spotlight: Lisa Holmes

Holmes Team Spotlight

Lisa-holmes-2019-headshotMeet Lisa Holmes! Lisa has been a part of the Holmes team since December of 2017. In business development, her role includes meeting with potential clients and helping them discover how Holmes can help them with marketing solutions.

Lisa’s favorite component of her job is telling the Holmes story and meeting new people. When asked what her favorite thing about working for Holmes is, Lisa said, “working with wonderful people and helping businesses solve their problems.”

We sat down with Lisa and asked her a few questions about her role here at Holmes. Here’s what she had to say:

What does a “typical day” look like for you at the office?

A portion of my day normally looks like meetings with small to mid business owners and finding out everything about their business and their marketing pains. I love to listen to people’s problems and help them come up with solutions.

Another large part of my role includes going to networking events to grow my sphere of influence and getting to meet a lot of interesting people locally and globally. I love learning about new businesses and organizations that are changing our world!

I normally end my day with lots of emailing and following up, reaching out, and making sure that our clients feel heard and supported.

What do you add to Holmes Marketing that sets us apart?

I really love my ability and drive to listen to organizations and empower them to be their very best. I think it is fascinating how passionate, caring and helpful these businesses are to their communities and their clients.

My ability to share in their passion for their product or service I believe really takes Holmes to the next level.

What skills have you gained/perfected while at Holmes?

Communication skills, connecting business professionals, digital skills, social media (especially LinkedIn), working with a team, and working with my husband and brother-in-law and sister-in-law.

Who is one of your favorite clients and why?

I have so many!!

I love Agape for Youth – their message and their story is so impactful.

The Clark County Health Department – it is amazing all the things that they have to keep in line and communicate with the public all at once. It is fascinating how they juggle it all!

I also love Young’s Jersey Dairy! – Dan is such a hard-working entrepreneur and I am inspired by how he always tries to improve his business and make it better every single day. He is always on the cutting edge of the next best thing for his customers.

Those are just a few, but I could honestly go on and on all day about all of our amazing clients!

Where is one area of your job you have noticed needed improvement and how are you working toward improving it daily?

Communicating with clients so they better understand what Holmes actually does. Marketing is a huge maze that is very hard to master. Sometimes just saying the word can overwhelm someone. So I am always trying to work on that messaging so they know exactly what we do. My ultimate goal is to get people to visit our facility and really see what we are all about.