Team Member Spotlight: Kevin Holmes

Holmes Team Spotlight


Written By: Holmes Team

Meet Kevin Holmes! Kevin has been a part of the Holmes team since 1974. He oversees the company’s sales and marketing functions. His favorite component of his position at Holmes is helping clients with their business challenges.

When asked about what his favorite part of working at Holmes is, he said, “Our team of great people. Everyone on our team cares about doing great work and helping our clients. I love how different each of us is but each of our opinions and ideas are respected.”

We sat down with Kevin and asked him a few questions about his role here at Holmes. Here’s what he had to say:

What does a typical day look like for you at the office?

Gotta start with a cup of coffee. Then, I usually begin with internal morning meetings, depending on the day. The rest of the day is filled with client meetings, phone calls, or emails.

What do you add to the Holmes team that sets us apart?

While I am the “sales” leg of our team, I don’t consider myself a “salesperson.” I prefer to think of myself as a professional problem solver for our clients. I love the opportunity to listen to our clients and help them find a solution.

What is something you would still like to learn while at Holmes?

I am continually learning something new every day. I love our team of smart and creative people and have so much respect for their talents. I hope to learn a new skill or fact every day from the team that makes our business amazing.

What is your favorite memory to date at Holmes?

This is really difficult since it’s been 45 years of memories! One that comes to mind though is one of my earliest memories of when I was responsible for delivering orders to clients after school. I loved getting to see all the different amazing businesses in action!

Where is one area of your job you have noticed needed improvement and how are you working toward improving it daily?

With the many distractions and meeting that I’m a part of each day, trying to manage time is a constant challenge for me. Being aware of this and starting each day with a list of important to-do’s is what helps me stay focused.

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