What Team Building Exercise Should You Do This Summer?

team building
Written By: Holmes Team

Why Team Building?

At some point in your career, you have most likely been subject to a team-building exercise. These activities can sometimes be a fun break in your workweek to get to know your peers a little better, but sometimes it can feel like a forced event to check off leadership’s list for the year.

When practiced correctly, Team Building can be a company-changing experience that grows team morale, culture, and trust. For example, this author spelled out twelve different benefits to regularly held team-building exercises from communication and leadership to bonding and trust.

Six Tips to Have a Successful Team Building Experience

  1. Don’t make the center of the activities directly around a “business goal”
  2. Don’t go crazy on your spending, but don’t skimp either
  3. Have a variety of during-work and after-work options
  4. Do something that the team actually wants to do
  5. Don’t force the activity on anyone
  6. Try to get out of the office

So we all recognize that these activities are worthwhile when done correctly. But sometimes it can seem impossible to come up with the right idea for your office. Below you will find different activities for your team this summer…

Activities in Springfield


Visit the Heritage Center. The museum is free admission and covers many different interesting facts from Springfield’s history. If your organization is based out of Springfield or Clark County, be sure to visit the archives on the third floor to learn more about the origins of your organization.

Visit the Springfield Museum of Art and then have a picnic in Snyder Park. The museum is only $5.00 a person and will be a nice change of pace from the hustle and bustle of the office. Following the visit with lunch in the park continues the feelings of relaxation.

Visit Young’s Jersey Dairy. This is a great place for a diverse team with different interests. You can choose from mini-golf, batting cages, a driving range, visiting farm animals, and of course eating ice cream! This is also a great option for a company-wide family event.

Activities in Dayton


Visit Carillon Historical Park. This park has recently gained in popularity with the opening of the Carillon Brewing Co. You can spend the day with teammates exploring historical Dayton and end the day with handcrafted beer and homemade food at the brewery.

Visit Top Golf in West Chester. This is unlike any driving range you have ever been to. The best part is that it requires zero golfing skills! Looking for a stress-reliever for the team? This is your kind of game!

Tackle the Great Escape Room in Beavercreek. If you haven’t been to one of these yet, now is a perfect time!

Activities in Columbus


Visit the Columbus Zoo! What better way to loosen up and create memories than to go to the zoo? This is another option for a family-inclusive event as well.

Visit the Franklin Park Conservatory. With the breathtaking views and relaxing environment, this is the perfect place to just get out of the office and relax for an afternoon.

Attend a Columbus Clippers game. Since a major league is quite a trip from Columbus, why not try out the local minor team? Even if the whole office isn’t into baseball, there’s still the social aspect and the chance to be outside during the day.

In the Office Activities

This article has 21 out-of-the-box ideas for your next in-house team-bonding activity.

One thing that the Holmes team loves to do is have cookouts in the summer. Brian will grill out and we all eat lunch together. Just a little change of pace for our lunch hour makes all the difference in our attitudes for the rest of the day.

Has your team ever done something unique for team building? Be sure to tell us in the comments below!