Why Streamline Sites?

Written By: Jenny Reolfi

Reinventing Reordering – Custom, Efficient, & Easy-to-use

Every organization, big or small, shares a common need for basic printed materials. At Holmes, we believe refilling the little things shouldn’t take a big portion of your time.

We’ve brainstormed ways to increase efficiency and ease of access for our customers to order and reorder the print products they use the most. Our goal is to expedite the proofing and printing process. This way, your products get to you faster. Working toward this goal has made our Streamline online ordering websites what they are today.

Clark State Login Page – Every login page features information to reach your Streamline contact regarding technical issues, product changes or new product requests.


The Name Says it All

A Streamline site is a password protected and custom-built online store. You are finally in the driver seat when ordering new business cards and other print projects through Holmes. By giving you the capability to input data for your print products, you can see a proof in real time. Once you approve your self-made proof, the site sends it straight to the production team with just the click of a button!

There is no limit to how many static or fully customizable products you may add to your site. If you have a large volume of products, we can organize your site into categories to maintain ease of use. Additionally, there are no limits on how many users you may have for your site so companies with multiple locations can order and have their items separated and shipped to their respective locations.

Springfield City School District Proof Generator – By giving you the capability to input data for business cards, letterhead or other personalized items, you create proof in real-time.


Benefits Beyond Easy Ordering

If your company requires additional internal proofing, we can ensure we send approval requests to the proper channels. This ensures another final review before reaching our production team. This allows all of your contacts to access the same products and information. You ensure brand consistency across all of your business locations.

Utilizing Streamline sites provides access electronic records of your past orders for invoicing or accounting purposes. You can also utilize your order history to conveniently reorder when your stock gets low. The sites also allow Holmes to track paper inventory and warehousing stock. This ensures we have the required materials on hand to fulfill your order right when you need it.

Woeber Static Form – Convenient reordering for products helps ensure brand consistency.

If you are interested in exploring whether a Streamline site makes sense for you or your business, please feel free to contact us at Streamline@thinkholmes.com. We’d love to discuss ways to create a custom solution for your business needs!