Springfield High School Wayfinding Signage

Brian Holmes and Fred Peters installing a wall graphic in the Main Hallway at Springfield High School
Written by: Holmes Team

Prior to the start of the 2016-2017 school year, longtime client Springfield City School District approached Holmes with a signage need. Currently, there are five academies at Springfield High School, and the branding for each academy had recently been redone. Because of the rebrand, existing signage at the school would need replacing. Scott Marshall, Supervisor of Communications for the district said that they would be open to a reimagined wayfinding signage system to help new students and visitors navigate the building more easily.

Brian Holmes installing a window graphic on the Business and Law Academy office at Springfield High School Springfield High School Academy Office Window Graphic

Marketing Consultant Kevin Holmes and Designer Karleigh Spahr took a tour of the building with Scott Marshall to brainstorm options that would improve guides within the building. They also discussed the importance of working with the branding and existing decor in the school. The Holmes team came up with a variety of solutions. These included:

  • An introduction of the newly branded academies in the main hallway
  • Consistent naming of the levels of the building
  • Mapped directories at the main office and each center stairway
  • Color-coded academy office signage and corresponding guides for each of the outer stairways at the end of the academy hallways

Stairway Directory Sign on the wall at Springfield High School     Directory Sign on the wall near the main office at Springfield High School

Once Karleigh finalized the designs of all the signage, our Holmes print production team went to work creating the pieces using a variety of materials and then installing everything prior to the first day of school. The end result was a success with compliments from staff and students alike!

Client Quote

“The signs looked good. Today was schedule pickup at SHS, so a lot of families were walking around the hallways. I saw several people using the signs to find their way. There was even one Mom who was looking for one of the Academy offices. She looked up at the window panel sign and said, ‘Oh, here we are.’ Thank you again.” – Scott Marshall, Supervisor of Communications, Springfield City School District