What is the best medium to share my organization’s story?

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Written By: Holmes Team

I was recently at an event where this question was proposed to the speaker. This speaker is a highly-skilled storyteller. When the individual in the crowd raised his hand and asked her this question, he didn’t realize that he wasn’t asking the right person.

The speaker gave the perfect response: “You know what, I’m not the expert in that, so I don’t believe it would be in your best interest for me to answer that for you.”

Who is the Expert?

As a marketer, it is my job to answer this question every day for various clients in various industries with various audiences and various resources.

So, here’s my answer: it depends.

Marketing is not a ‘get rich quick’ or easily formulated solution. While there are the viral sensations that seem to pop up overnight or the formulated ways to optimize a social media post or a billboard, these are just tactics that work into a larger plan.

But the best way to share YOUR organization’s story depends on you.

  • Who is it you are trying to reach?
  • What is your goal for your story?
  • What is your timeline?
  • How will you determine your budget?
  • What are your capabilities?
  • And what is your story?

An Analogy

When it is time for you to buy a new car, would you ever just walk out on a lot, point at random, and sign the dotted line – then hope that the car has all the features and abilities you want it to have?

Of course not.

You would first start with figuring out why you need the car – is it for cross country travel? Is it for getting your family of five from point a to point b reliably? Or is this a fun purchase – one where you get to show off a little?

Then, you would compare the various models – by doing your research, you realize what features you absolutely have to have, and which ones you can stand to live without.

In the end, you go to the lot ready to make an informed decision based on your goals and your research.

An Example

Choosing the best way to share your story is the same concept.

I once had a client come to me and tell me that he wanted to reach out to former leads that had gone dark due to a lack of follow-up communication. His first reaction was to set up a calling campaign that he would roll out to all of his sales staff. I listened to his plan and tried to pick out what his real goal was for this point of communication.

“So what you’re saying is that you want to be able to share how the company has modernized and streamlined processes in the past year to increase efficiency and cut cost?”

“Yes – exactly.”

I then challenged him to think about how a calling campaign (something that was more popular in the ’80s and ’90s) would be perceived if the story he is trying to tell is one of modern efficiency.

Based on the story he wanted to tell, the goal of the story, and the audience he was trying to reach, I recommended…

  • shooting a short impromptu video explaining the updates to production and sending it out in an email campaign to those leads,
  • posting the video on the website,
  • targeting specific keywords through a Google Ads campaign, and
  • posting it on their social media channels.

One Example

Now while the scenario above used a concoction of digital mediums, a different story might need a different mix. Or, it might include some physical mediums.

In order to choose the best mediums to share your story, follow these steps:

  • Determine your story. What do you want to say and why do you want to say it?
  • Determine your audience. Where do they hang out? How do they prefer to receive information?
  • Be well versed in various mediums of marketing and communication (email campaigns, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, Billboards, AI, WOM, Twitter, Snapchat, SMS text to name a few).
  • Choose the right combination of mediums to reach your audience along with a proposed timeline
  • Execute
  • Measure
  • Improve
  • Repeat

Your Experience

I’d love to hear your opinions on this process or if you have found a better process for your organization! (I’m a strong believer the only way you improve is through constructive feedback & collaboration!) Message us on Facebook or email me directly at ellen@thinkholmes.com