Why the Right Marketing Team Yields Better Results

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Written By: Jenny Reolfi

Today, it is more common for individuals in the workforce to manage more than one role in a company. This idea of split-focus management is a great way to maximize your workforce and encourage employee growth. Yet, if one handles tasks ranging from sales to advertising, is it the best way to see results in your marketing?

Split Focus Sally has an accounting degree and is a middle manager for a tea company with 40-60 employees across 3 stores. Working with customers on the sales floor, she’s second to none. Patrons love that she’s knowledgeable about the products and this knowledge is a great asset while managing inventory and ordering. Besides sales and inventory, Sally also manages marketing campaigns, the website, and social media. Her campaigns show a return but without an understanding of industry best practices, may not give the best return on investment (ROI). Our Sally is very proficient at everything she does, but to make the most of your marketing dollars, there is no substitute for expertise.

If you feel there’s a gap in your marketing, what can you do? Hiring a full time marketing professional is a serious investment. If your needs are temporary, you may consider partnering with an agency. The expertise of a marketing agency can help refine your current strategies for higher ROI and coach your team in best practices. In addition to expertise, a team of experts can bring a new perspective and help implement ways to measure marketing success.


One of the great perks of working with a marketing team is their dedication to their craft. This is especially clear at Holmes Marketing. The creative team is always looking for ways to innovate and evolve their strategies. Mike England, the Web Developer, attends development seminars and conferences monthly. Karleigh Spahr, Creative Director, has a habit of recording her brainstorms while traveling. She also sends emails full of new ideas to herself almost daily. Jenny Reolfi, a Designer, has sacrificed her grocery budget for a new font. As a team, they brainstorm, research and share new ideas every day to stay current with the latest technologies and integrations.

Idea & Project Management

A strong team fuses inspiration with implementation; understanding an idea is only as good as its execution. Designers overflow with creativity and ideas, but a strong project manager is key. Project managers pare down the idea pool to best fit the customer, project or demographic. Partnering with a team of marketing experts can provide a fresh perspective on existing concepts. Allowing you to explore new possibilities or add a unique twist to an old concept. Plus, as a team, the project manager and the creative team are familiar with each other and their working styles. Their smooth and established working dynamic minimizes confusion, project time and improves the overall quality of your campaign.

Measuring ROI

If you’ve ever felt like marketing is like throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks, you’re not alone. One of the common frustrations we hear is an inability to measure the results of a campaign. If you see a spike in sales after running ads online, through television, and with a billboard. It makes sense to want to know which of those three avenues were the most successful. By measuring the ROI for each campaign, you can dedicate more of your marketing dollars to that area and reducing funds to the lest successful avenue. For Holmes, marketing is science, not spaghetti.

Working with a team of marketing experts opens you up to industry best practices, stronger measurements of ROI and allows you to market smarter.