Get the Most Out of Your Fundraising Event

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Written By: Carisa Peters

Events are often a crucial part of raising awareness and funds for nonprofits. The type of event obviously vary, but the goals and the approach to promoting the events are fairly similar. In order to get the most out of your fundraising events, start by setting a clear goal, and then look at how you can market your event in ways that will have the greatest impact on the goal.

Digital Marketing and PR: Modern Day Shouting from the Rooftops

If you are planning on a tight budget, you’ll want to be as organized and efficient as possible. That will save you time, and therefore money, as you work toward the event. There are also some great ways to promote the event for free! With marketing, executing your own social media posts and email campaigns often comes at little to no cost. Post updates to countdown to the event or send out reminders and exciting news that will help you spread the word and let people know what to look forward to. If you have online registrations or need to sell tickets, social media and email marketing are great tools to do that as well.

Another great way to really get the word out about your fundraiser is through various PR channels. Try to get a sponsorship from a media outlet or billboard company that will allow you to utilize their services with minimal investment from your organization. Make connections with people who work at local news outlets, and have press releases ready to go throughout different stages of your planning.

Word-of-Mouth, Your Strongest Promotion Tool

The best form of promotion, although it can be the slowest way to get to a large group, is old-fashioned word-of-mouth. Get people talking about your event. Whether it’s going to other events where your target audience will be and doing some networking, or even promoting next year’s event at the one this year, find ways to build hype and intrigue about it when you’re talking to people face-to-face. If they are excited or have a great experience, they will want to share it with everyone they know as well.