Become a Master at Prioritizing and Delegating

watch, pen, and notepad on white background
Written By: Jenny Reolfi

Get it Right From the Start

Rome wasn’t built in a day, odds are you won’t finish your to-do list in one either. Most businesses strive for a healthy mix of long and short-term goals. But switching from long-term planning to immediate implementation can be difficult. This is especially true when a large volume of work hits all at once.

Don’t Prioritize Based on Urgency Alone

So, how do you avoid the pitfall of confusing urgent and priority projects? Time management is key to keeping a project on track, particularly when you’re in charge of making an event happen. For example, say your supervisor has placed you in charge of preparation, promotion, and implementation of an annual Gala. You need to put hundreds of little things in place (chair rentals, food selection). Also, there are key points that you must complete by a certain date (invitations mailed, the venue booked).

With so much to manage, it’s important to know how to differentiate between what needs to be done and what needs to be done by you. Our infographic on prioritizing and delegating your daily tasks walks you through the Eisenhower Matrix to help you triage tasks as they come across your desk. This easy to follow matrix helps you determine if you should do it, schedule it, delegate it or delete it. As an added bonus, our creative team created a list of suggested do’s and don’ts as you navigate managing a project and keeping the experience positive for your team.

Download the Prioritize & Delegate Infographic