Present Yourself as an Expert

Woman presenting herself as an expert

As small midwestern businesses, we are quick to be humbled. We have worked extremely hard to get to where we are today, and we never want to take anything for granted. We have overcome unthinkable obstacles, found solutions to unsolvable problems, and created a product or service that meets or exceeds the expectations of our customers time and time again.

So when someone says, “Wow, You’re a real expert on this!” it always leaves us thinking…

Oh, no, not me. My team thought of…I just researched…I needed to find a solution…

While a healthy dose of humility in the workplace is good for all businesses, there is also the time to take pride in your company’s success, and a time to share your wealth of knowledge.

So why are you still the best kept secret in the Miami Valley??

If what you are doing is working, it is time to start presenting yourself as an expert not only to others in your field, but also to people who need the products or services you provide.

While each business is unique, here are 4 ways you can start sharing your successes and grow your customer base:

Social Media

Instagram has over 800 million active users. Youtube has 1.5 billion. Facebook has over two billion. With those staggering statistics, I guarantee that your potential customers and/or industry peers are active on social media – EVEN IF it is just one (which is highly unlikely).

Social Media Calendar Example
Here is an example of a social media marketing calendar that would work alongside a written plan.

Today is the day for you to start creating a social media marketing campaign. If this is not an area of expertise for you, I recommend you reach out to someone who is already proficient in social media so you can stay focused on your experience.


Example email from Holmes Marketing Services
This is an example of an email we sent out to our email list which received a 50% open rate!

Do you have a place for people to sign up to hear from you on your website? Do you have an email list? If you do have an email list, are you sending valuable content to that list?

Email is a great way to keep the people who want to hear from you up-to-date on the latest industry trends, blog posts, and company events.

Just like social media, it is important to have an organized and clear strategy when it comes to contacting people through email.

There are also several rules, regulations, and ethical recommendations when it comes to email correspondence. Here is just one example of what HubSpot’s rules and regulations are for their email services. Just like you expect people to reach out to you as an industry professional, be sure to ask an email marketing expert before you start sending out your information.


The whole “Print is Dead” thing is simply not true. Instead, print promotions have continued evolving and transitioning to work seamlessly alongside the digital space. Print Media has almost breathed anew as some audiences are starting to gloss over digital ads.

Just like the digital space, you want to be very specific and intentional with your messaging and images.

Speak Up!

The best way to share your expertise with fellows in your industry or potential customers is by networking and sharing your knowledge directly. Be sure to stay up-to-date with opportunities in your area to share or gain more knowledge.

Recently at Holmes, we started practicing this by creating a new position in Business Development held by our very own Lisa Holmes. Lisa has the opportunity to gain relationships with potential customers and fellow businesspeople to share the knowledge Holmes has acquired since our doors opened in ’74.

We will be sharing even more of our expertise at this year’s WiBN Leadership Conference where Lisa and I will talk about the importance of your brand in all facets of your organization.

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