Rocking Horse Community Health Center: Physical & Digital Marketing

Rocking Horse Annual Report Booklet
Annual Report mock-up and rear view of the booklet closed.
Front and Back Views of a Brochure Designed for Rocking Horse Community Health Center

About Rocking Horse

Rocking Horse Community Health Center (RHCHC) is a federally qualified health center located in Springfield, Ohio. RHCHC specializes in providing quality and well-rounded health care to the residence of the Springfield and surrounding area. RHCHC sets themselves apart by making it their mission to provide healthcare to anyone and everyone in need – no matter their insurance status or ability to pay.

Rocking Horse & Holmes

Before Holmes transformed into a full-service marketing agency, we were able to provide reliable printing services to Rocking Horse for many years. RHCHC continued to be a client of Holmes throughout the transition, and as a result we have had the opportunity to partner with RHCHC to share their story with their clients, donors, and community.

What We Did

Physical Collateral

Email Marketing

Website Design


Reasons for Change:

The Rocking Horse website had some much needed changes regrarding the design and content. With all the amazing services they offer, there was no way to share updates! Overall, they wanted a website that felt personal, and shared their mission and vision of the center.

How We Helped:

  • Timeless website design with the updated and correct content
  • Relevant team members fully trained on updating relevant pages
  • Appropriate use of the Rocking Horse colors, logo, and brand personality
  • Through inviting imagery and thoughtful content, the website conveys feelings of trust and confidence in the organization

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