LWS Tax & Accounting: Digital & Physical Marketing Project

Marketing is More than Digital

Through projects like these, we partner with clients to show how creative signage can add to their marketing strategies.

Since LWS is very active on social media, these office updates ensure that their photos and videos always have a camera-ready appearance. The signage also boosted team morale and ensured LWS was ready to put their very best foot forward for new and returning clients this tax season.

What We Did



Physical Print Collateral

Transformation Without the Hassle

You can virtually transform any space with a little creativity, large-scale commercial printing, and a meticulous installation team.

Job Specs

Designer: Jenny Reolfi

Window Dimensions: Approx. 6.8ft x 7.3ft

Front Desk Dimensions: Approx. 1.5ft x 7.5ft

“We really enjoyed all of the hard work everyone put into our office. The decal of Springfield looks AMAZING and it definitely changes the vibe when the clients come in and see it. Brian and Vic worked very thoroughly and made sure it was perfectly straight with absolutely no air bubbles…I definitely see us using Holmes Marketing Services with any other future creative projects. Any business that is looking to add some creativity to their office and to make it stand out from others, then they should definitely consider using Holmes. Great work guys!  -Morgan Baughman, Marketing Director, LWS Tax & Accounting

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