John Pickarski: Physical Marketing Project

About John Pickarski & Associates

JPA sets themselves apart in the finance world with their emphasis on being a trusted partner for their clients. Their team never brings a contract to a first meeting and they insist potential clients take time to consider their options before signing anything. They always want to make sure JPA is the best fit for each customer.

JPA & Holmes

John Pickarski & Associates have been clients of Holmes for quite some time for the  firm’s printing needs. When it came time for the firm to go through the rebranding process, they wanted to go with a team that they already know and trust.

What We Did


Business Cards



The Process

Below, our lead designer walks us through what the rebranding process looked like for JPA.

Research: I began by researching competitors in their industry looking for trends. Identifying trends is an easy way to guarantee a logo will stand out. (For example, if there are 6 stores in a region and their logos are all orange, we’re not using orange.)

Sketch: I grab my sketchbook and a pencil and set a timer for 15 minutes. I draw as many quick sketches as I can in that time without stopping. This allows me to flow with my thought process instead of getting too hung up on the minor details at first.

Digitize: I scanned my sketches to create digital mockups. The mockups allow clients to confirm we’re on the right path before investing too much time in the refining process. Mike and John agreed on the direction of the logo and we moved onto the final step in the process.

Refine & Add Color: At this point, I cleaned up and refined the digital logo file. This is the longest part of the creative process because it requires a large attention to detail.

Honestly, when I think about why we worked with Holmes, the question I ask myself is, “Why didn’t we do this sooner?” Every business has reasons from time, budget or some other excuse, but if you really want to grow and promote your business, you have to take the time and call Holmes. Every day you don’t, you are losing out to someone else.”– Mike Pickarski, MBA, AIFÆ

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