Hospice of the Miami Valley: Physical & Digital Marketing Project

About Hospice of the Miami Valley

Hospice of the Miami Valley is a ‘nurse founded and led’ hospice network who strives to provide the highest level of care and attention to their patients during a transitional period in their life.

Hospice of the Miami Valley & Holmes

Hospice of the Miami Valley has several locations, and each time one of the locations needed any printed material, they had to go through a lengthy, time consuming process to receive it. The order was placed, and then a proof of the item was designed and sent back to them. Changes were made if needed, and final approval was required before the item went into print production. Once the item was complete, it was either picked up or delivered, but each step in the process could take days to complete.

We created a custom online ordering website, branded to Hospice of the Miami Valley and added all of their materials to the site for them to choose from when placing their order.

“Holmes’ on-line ordering system has and continues to be a very positive experience for Hospice of the Miami Valley. The website is user friendly, categorized well and easy to use. Whenever we’ve created a new form, book, card etc, it is quickly added to our site for future convenience of ordering. The Holmes staff has always been accessible and helpful whenever needed. We would highly recommend setting up an online ordering system with Holmes.”Mindy Kinser, Hospice of the Miami Valley

Sample Sympathy Card Design

Sympathy card design for Hospice of the Miami Valley created and produced by Holmes Marketing.

Streamline Ordering Site Homepage

The homepage of the Hospice of the Miami Valley’s custom online ordering Streamline site is shown here on a textured background.