CS&WD: Physical & Digital Marketing Project

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Audience-specific Content

The Clark Soil & Water Conservation District (CSWCD) came to us for help with their marketing & communication in 2016. Their number one problem was finding out how to stay in constant communication with their audience to share meaningful and important updates and information.

We developed a strategy focused around periodic, intriguing, and interactive emails to deliver to their audience.

Over the years, we have improved and built upon our strategy to fit the needs of the CSWCD and the community they serve. As we move into year three, we are still seeing tremendous value in email marketing for a few key reasons.

Efficient & Cost-Effective

Since CSWCD is a government entity, they do everything they can to make sure their work and communication is as efficient as possible. Through partnering with a marketing firm, they have significantly decreased their communications waste while ensuring their audience is always up-to-date on public announcements and events.

What We Did


Email Marketing


Physical Print Collateral

Own Your Audience

An email list (when kept clean & up to date) is direct access to contacts that you own in your database. While we still absolutely love social media audiences, you do not technically own them. If something were to happen and Instagram were gone tomorrow, they would not be obligated to deliver your audience list to you.

Direct Access to the Diehards

The rooted goal with most digital marketing is to grow your presence and your impact. The best way to do this is by keeping your strong relationships established so that they influence others. Email marketing allows your audience to feel as though they have insider information.

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