Clark County Public Library: Physical & Digital Project

Clark County Public Library Wall Graphic
Clark County Public Library Billboard
Table with Single Large Sheet of Printed Posters Spread on Top

About the Clark County Public Library

The Clark County Public Library (CCPL) is a resource for the residents of Clark County, Ohio to learn and grow with one another through various educational resources. The CCPL strives to meet every community member where they are at in their learning process and to continue to innovate for future generations.

CCPL & Holmes

Holmes has been given the opportunity to serve the CCPL for many years. From print promotional pieces to billboards to emails and more, we successfully partner with the CCPL to propel their message to the community with the most effective and concentrated communications methods for their audience.

What We Did

Email Marketing





Physical Print Collateral

Before: The Pains

  • Struggled to communicate with community members that did not use digital
  • Lack of strategic digital plan for active library members
  • Lack of awareness around library-sponsored events
  • No cohesive theme or campaign for an extended amount of time
  • The current website had an outdated design and stagnant content

After: The Results

  • Intriguing and exciting billboard campaign to keep the CCPL top-of-mind to all Clark County residents
  • Targeted email campaigns tailored to library members based off their common interests
  • Increased events awareness through emails and events posters
  • A cohesive yearly theme for promotions and messaging to excite and engage community members
  • A bright and inviting website that can be easily updated with fresh content and new dates for events

“When we began looking for a marketing company to help us reintroduce the community to our programs and services, it was important that we stayed local and chose a company that really cared about helping us do our best. Holmes fit our needs perfectly! From the creative concept phase to final delivery… Holmes has taken the time to really get to know the library, who our audience is, and how to help us better connect with them. All the members of their team have been a true pleasure to work with and we look forward to continuing this partnership in the future!”Allison Peck, CCPL

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