Agape for Youth, Inc.: Physical Marketing project

Agape Logo Rebrand

About Agape for Youth Inc.

Agape for Youth Inc. is a foster care, adoption through foster care and reunification services agency. Their continued goal is “to work as a team together with the child’s biological family, local Children Services, the foster/adoptive parents and the youth to build greater opportunities for development and enrichment.”

What We Did:


Business Cards


Physical Print collateral

Agape for Youth & Holmes

We met Sandra and Steve through a networking connection with our business developer, Lisa. Sandra felt confident in sharing with Lisa how their current branding felt a little scattered. Sometimes, there was a lack of color consistency and their current logo was a little difficult to work with.

After meeting with our team and sharing their vision, we were able to create a brand new design for Agape focusing on their mission and vision of family and community through the smiling tree and the promising sprout.

“I was thrilled to be able to work with the Holmes Marketing Team as the Leadership at Agape for Youth, Inc. embraced the task of creating a new logo and brand.

The attention to detail and relationship building by the Homes Team is something we value when selecting a company to do business with.

I believe that taking the time to build relationships is business is a vital piece of working together for the betterment of our community.  We are thankful to Kevin, Lisa and their entire Team for being a part of a new look for Agape for Youth, Inc.”

-Sandra Geib, Agape for Youth, Inc.

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