What is the One Platform a Digital Marketer Should Be Well-Versed In?

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We recently came across this question in our Quora feed. You can check out our answer below:

First things first: today, every marketer is a digital marketer in some capacity.

Second, we would make the case that while it is important for a marketer to be well versed in all the big players (social platforms, email marketing, SEO/SEM) it is better to focus on a marketer who is a quick and efficient learner more than anything.

For example, Facebook is a large player in the world of social media marketing today. However, if the current trends continue for Facebook, we could very quickly find ourselves in a world without the platform. And then what?

In a situation like that, instead of having someone who is well-versed in Facebook, we would rather have someone who is well-versed on “social channel marketing” as a whole. Someone who will be able to quickly identify, target, learn, and optimize the next hottest social channel needed for us to talk to our customers.

So to more directly answer your question, instead of looking for a digital marketer that is only well-versed in specific digital spaces, it is more valuable for a marketer to:

  1. be constantly up-to-date with the digital trends,
  2. stay well-versed in the digital channels needed to be successful in your industry,
  3. be ready, willing, and accepting of change, and
  4. be an EXCELLENT digital and physical communicator.

Happy Marketing!

-The Holmes Team