It’s Never Been Easier to Virtually Reach Your Target Audience!

Written by: Hannah Hitchcock


When you think of the word target audience, what comes to mind? Usually, panic and some negative connotations towards the word come to mind. Why? Well first, and foremost, no one knew what target audience meant. That made things problematic. Secondly, the word target made people feel uneasy. People related it to a negative way of seeking out audiences because no one likes to be targeted, right? Lastly, the thought of having to create or seek out your audience on a social platform or virtually can be intimidating and scary. When it’s on the internet it’s there forever, and that can be scary!


But don’t fear! It has never been easier to seek and reach your specific clientele! Through these two options, we will help you take away the fear of virtually seeking out your audiences to being so confident that you can manage it all on your own! 


Easy Tool Number One:

Social Media Platforms.


Yes! Social Media Platforms can be a great tool to reach your audience! You might be asking yourself, “How does social media connect me to my clients? Isn’t social media just used for personal interests?” Let me explain. 


With posting on social media comes great responsibility, sound familiar? Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram all have specific ways to post. LinkedIn and Twitter use a lot of hashtags, #hashtags. People are found and referenced by hashtags, needless to say, hashtags are #important. Facebook and Instagram very post friendly,(with some Facebook guidelines), and based on the word count(I like to stay between 35-70 words). Using images is great for all platforms; make sure they are relevant and appropriate to the post.


Now that we have gone over the social platforms in general, how do you utilize them for your target audience needs? Here’s how.


Every social media platform uses analytics. Analytics is your shiny, gold tool for targeting your specific audience. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn can track and trace when who and what your audience is doing and most importantly, how you should utilize it.


For example, say you want to generate content for a specific group of clients. With the analytics tool, you have a lot of ways to see how to reach them. Every analytics tool provides information that can be beneficial for the growth of your business.


Your analytics for your business is specific to you! By using the appropriate tools your online presence and the virtual audience will grow. 


Easy Tool Number Two:

CRM(Customer Relationship Management).


What is CRM? CRM is customer relationship management. There are numerous CRM software programs available. It can store all the relevant information pertaining to each client. It can even tell you who is most interested in your products and services by their level of engagement.


So how do you use CRM? 


A customer relationship management system will do all the necessary work for you. Need to know who your main audience is? CRM can help with that. Need to understand what is working and what is not? CRM can show you that! Having a CRM system can improve how you seek clients with the different views that it provides. 


How will it help you with target audiences?


Since CRM gathers data straight from the source, all the information is organic. Meaning, that when you get analytics or suggestions from the CRM, everything has been analyzed, and brought together for you specifically from the actions of clients. 


One top advantage that CRM offers that is a HUGE benefit to a company is that it focuses on the client relationship and how they are performing. CRM is constantly learning and updating your client information so that you can reach them in the best way possible. 


Overall, CRM can manage a lot on the online spectrum. This system can take the information from the clients and utilize it for their specific needs and inform you about how to meet them. Great tool right?


There you have it! By learning how to use your social media platforms and CRM system, building your target audience can be easier than you may think


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