What is the Best Way to Market a Business that has Multiple Services to Offer?

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I recently saw this question on our Quora feed. As a marketing agency that offers many different services, we have a lot to say about how to successfully market several different services under the roof of one agency.

You can read our response below:

Okay 2 questions to start off:

The first question I would have is, what kind of services are you talking about?

The next question would be, how similar or different are those services?

Based off those two answers, I would recommend different advice.

If the services are vastly different, it would be difficult to market them under the same roof. For example, if by “multiple services offered,” you mean a company that offers…

  • Accounting Services,
  • Web development Services, and
  • Public Speaking Coaching,

I would recommend you break those up into their own individual businesses.

The reasoning behind that is because they are so vastly different. If you keep them under one roof or name, it is likely you will extremely confuse your potential audiences.

(Disclaimer: I haven’t done a ton of intense research on this. But, I’m betting there isn’t a huge amount of the population that is looking for a web developer and an accountant from the same company.)

If what you meant is a company that offers many different similar services, then I would say that is more logical. For example, if by “multiple services offered,” you mean a company that offers…

  • Public Speaking Coaching,
  • Speech Writing, and
  • Public Relations,

then I recommend selling them all under the same umbrella while simultaneously giving them all their own “voice.”

Practically, this may look like you naming your company “The Speaker’s Voice” with a tagline of “the full-service public relations company for aspiring and established public figures.”

This allows you to package all your different services together while still conveying that you are an expert in many different areas underneath the overarching umbrella of assisting public figures.

So maybe one month you highlight your awesome speaking coaches and a seminar they are hosting at the end of the month. Then, the next month you can highlight your team’s ability to write captivating and interesting press releases.

It is much easier for someone to see how the services work together once they are all under the same umbrella of a company, vision, goal, etc.

Tell the Full Story

As for marketing each individual service, treat them each like a different chapter in a really amazing book.

While each chapter may paint a different scene or solve a different project, the reader knows that each chapter together will create the full story for them.

This is exactly how you want them to think about your business as well. Going back to our example, it’s great if a customer uses your company for speech writing, but that is only one chapter in the story of someone’s public brand.

By telling them your organization’s full story, you will show them why they need most (if not all) of the chapters.

Happy Marketing!

-The Holmes Team