How Can I Promote My Website for Free?

How can I market my website for free? Holmes Marketing Services

Recently, we came across this question on our Quora feed:

“How can I promote my website for free?”

As a small business that caters to small and mid-sized businesses, we understand the value in the word “free” when it comes to self-promotion. However, “free” does not mean a magic overnight fix to all your marketing problems.

While there are some free solutions to your marketing, all successful solutions will take planning, strategizing, and hard work.

Here is what we responded to this Quora question:

One of the most obvious ways to promote your website (or any opportunity) is through social media. While that is a quick answer, social media marketing is far more easy to say than to do.

Some key steps to a social media marketing strategy:

Step 1: Find out where your audience is.

The whole “You should be on every social media platform” argument is a waste of your time. If none of your potential audience is on Instagram, then it would be like talking to a brick wall. There are many different ways to research where your potential target market is spending their time on social media.

Step 2: Decide how you are going to position yourself.

So say for example that you realized a large portion of your audience spends their time on Instagram. But now you have to figure out what they want to see/learn/read/watch. Do they want to know about you personally? What if they want tutorials? Do they want the latest news on certain gadgets? Do they want to read blog posts? Or do they want a combination? This could take some trial and error before you get it right. It will also change overtime so be sure to continually reevaluate.

An example of this: Holmes Marketing Services is active on Facebook,TwitterLinkedIn, Quora, and Instagram. Facebook and Instagram are where we share a lot of our culture and fun side. Twitter is where we stay up-to-date with the latest in marketing. LinkedIn and Quora are where we consider ourselves to be industry thought leaders.

Step 3: Write out a plan with specific SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely). To learn more about SMART goals, check out this resource.

Step 4: Get buy-in from other decision makers before you start creating content.

Step 5: Create as much content up-front that you possibly can, so that all you have to do is send it out on specific dates. Getting ahead of the game in this way helps set the campaign up for success from the very beginning.

Step 6: Analyze. Through out the campaign, analyze your data to see if you are meeting your SMART goals. If you aren’t adjust your plan to fit the needs of the campaign.

And that’s it! This is a basic path for a social media marketing strategy. Now you could decide to implement some monetary investments such as Buffer or HubSpot, but you can run an organic campaign with this strategy as well.