Holmes Team Spotlight: Carisa Holmes

Holmes Team Spotlight


Written By: Holmes Team

Meet Carisa Holmes! Carisa has been a part of Holmes since June of 1989. She is an Owner and Administrator that oversees many areas of the business with the main focus on Human Relations, Client Experience, and Financials.

When asked what her favorite component of her position is, Carisa said, “I absolutely love working with talented people; I enjoy coaching and mentoring and watching them grow and evolve.” Her favorite part of working at HMS is the teamwork and the camaraderie.

We sat down with Carisa and asked her a few questions about working at Holmes. Here’s what she had to say…

What does a “typical day” look like for you at the office?

As a business owner, I wear a variety of hats so some days can be a little more exciting than others. I have a role in many different areas of the company, but I love it because I feel like I am always connected to our core focus: serving our clients in an unmatched way!

What do you add to the Holmes team that sets us apart?

I carve out time to focus on our team and the company culture to make it a place for fun and growth to happen – those are some of my most rewarding moments.

What is the biggest lesson you have learned since working at Holmes?

That no matter what changes in our world around us or with technology, nothing will ever substitute the basic necessity to offer amazing service and support to our clients.

What skills have you gained/perfected while at Holmes?

Empathy, leadership, and not trying to be so perfect! I have learned that it is okay to show vulnerability and be real with people.

Where is one area of your job you have noticed needed improvement and how are you working toward improving it daily?

Patience and perfection. I tend to struggle in these areas. However, through daily reminders and awareness, I am making huge strides in handling these areas better. I do believe my Lord is helping me with this by constantly reminding me that I am not in complete control 🙂

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