3 Efficient and Effective Techniques from the Experts to Unlock Your Marketing Potential

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Written By: Jenny Reolfi

Remember multiple choice tests in school? You were asked to choose the best answer and they’d list four technically correct options. Marketing is a lot like a scantron test; there are no wrong answers, but the trick is finding the best option to get the best results. Just like those tests, the key to more effective marketing is as simple as knowing the right methods to achieve your goals.

Have a Clear Vision

Having a clear vision of the desired results of your marketing is the key to opening the door to success. Understanding the results you’d like to see will allow you to cater to your campaign to maximize your return on investment. For example, if your goal is to grow your number of social followers, an interactive social media event would be more beneficial than a black tie gala.

For Halloween in 2017, Holmes put together an online murder mystery campaign to do exactly that. A clue was revealed on facebook every Tuesday in October and on Friday the 13th. The full story and all clues were also posted to mystery.thinkholmes.com for viewers to read the case notes and try to find the murderer. Viewers were also encouraged to submit their guesses on who carried out the deed. Our final action on Halloween, was to film the story and reveal the culprit with our video.

Set Measurable Goals

Once you have an idea for your campaign, it’s time to set specific goals to gauge your progress over time. It is important to be specific with your goals to allow for easy tracking and understanding.

Example: I want more engagement v.s. I want to gain 15 new followers on Facebook in 30 days.

Adjusting your goals to include quantifiable metrics allows you to measure your progress. This will also help you set benchmarks or mini-goals to keep you on track. Using the example above, It would not be unrealistic to break down your main goal to 5 new followers every 10 days. After the first 10 days, evaluate your engagement and see what posts are increasing engagement and which are not. Use this data to create more posts about well performing topics and see if there’s an increase in engagement.

Be Aware of Your Limits

You have the vision, you have the goals, now does your team have the time and skillset to pull it off. More importantly, do you have the desire? The phrase, “do what you love” is often heard when growing up and thinking about a future career. While no-one is going to pay you to binge-watch Netflix and eat popcorn all day, you found your calling.

If project management, leadership, and strategy are where your passions live, don’t force yourself to be something you’re not. Delegate the marketing specific tasks to another team member while you manage the project. If you’re a one man team with a large daily workload, consider if your budget will allow you to partner with an agency. They will be able to execute and analyze the campaign while you focus on your daily tasks.