The Dream Client: A Graphic Designer’s Perspective

child looking through a book about graphic design
Written By: Jenny Reolfi

As a graphic designer, I have the chance to wear many hats throughout the day. Some days I’m a real estate agent, others a florist. Understanding my client’s point of view makes me a valuable resource to their team. And at Holmes, I have the opportunity to collaborate with professionals in almost every industry.

Each organization has its own goals, challenges, and perspectives.

It’s rewarding to learn about each company and collaborate to grow their brand. So don’t hear me wrong – I thoroughly enjoy working with each of our clients. But to me, there are three qualities that define a perfect client.

A Perfect Client…

  • Sees the value of their marketing
  • Enjoys a challenge
  • Is looking to be a leader that listens – to break the mold!

The Magic of Three

A few businesses view marketing as a necessary evil: something that they have to do, but they feel it’s a waste of time and money. This person wants to spend as little time as possible on their materials and is very risk-averse.

But a client who sees the true value in marketing is not afraid to make a splash and try something new. They understand their marketing dollars as valuable tools and see the advantage of a well-developed strategy. Their goal is to make the biggest impact on their budget – and we get to help them do just that!

I love working with these clients because we can take time to do things the right way. The planning and strategy building you do before designing leads to stronger results in their campaigns. Our team looks forward to our discovery and brainstorming meetings because we know our clients will be fully present and ready to partner with us in sharing their unique stories.

Outside the Box Yields Results

At Holmes, I am encouraged as a graphic designer to continually learn and up my game. Many firms specialize in ‘working outside the box,’ but we relish every chance to throw the box away completely and redefine communication for the industry to better reach the correct audience.

As Springfield and the surrounding areas continue to grow and thrive, we have the privilege of partnering with rising industry leaders. It’s wonderful knowing that you help drive innovation and change in such a flourishing and creative time.