Destination: Holmes


Why do you visit another country? So you can experience that country’s culture? To see how the people live? Maybe to see a special monument or timeless artifact? Or maybe you want to see how a company makes their product, how a religion worships, or how a city celebrates.

In Germany, you can actually visit a BMW factory and watch while your car is built before your very eyes! the experience of seeing your own vehicle come to life is like no other car buying experience.

In Italy, you can visit the Vatican City and attend mass at St. Peter’s Basilica. You can tour through thousands of years of history. You get to see landmarks and sculptures you have only read about in history books.

In Brazil, you can spend time in Rio De Janeiro. You’ll experience festivals, parties, and celebrations like no other. It is a complete immersion into a new culture and way of life.

After you return from your journey, you have a newfound understanding of a culture that you could never have gathered from googling pictures or reading books.

Every Day is an Experience

But I believe this to be true of more than just traveling around the world. Think about the last time a friend told you about their recent experience: riding a new rollercoaster, going on a first date, or trying a new restaurant. It just isn’t the same as experiencing it for yourself, is it?

This is because humans are meant to live out their life firsthand, not through a secondhand story.

While the secondhand experience will peak your interest and help you better understand the person, you will almost always find yourself thinking, “I have to try that for myself.”

We believe this to be very true here at Holmes – especially when we rebranded from a printing company to a full-service marketing agency in 2011.

While we can tell people all day about our experience of rebranding, we can share stories of clients seeing the transformation, and we can share the concrete successes, these are all still secondhand experiences for you.

Come Visit Us!

So take this now as your personal invitation to visit our new and improved space. See how we live firsthand: visit the landmarks like the production facility and the timeline. Spend time talking with the locals in creative and learn how the culture of Holmes inspires their thinking.

If you are ready to go on a new adventure with your marketing, visit Holmes this summer. We promise it will be an experience of a lifetime.

To book your visit today, give us a call at 937-325-1509!

team holmes holding a sign