Do I Need an Expert in Web Design & Development for My Site?

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Curious about what it’s like to partner with an expert in designing and developing a website? Here’s what our client has to say:

Is Your Site Helping or Harming?

We recognize the power in an accessible, individualized, and responsive website. Without a website that is ready to be your first line of offense in the sales and marketing game, the rest of your marketing is always going to fall short…

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To really drive home this point, here are some facts and trends about consumers in 2018

  • It takes about 50 milliseconds (that’s 0.05 seconds) for users to form an opinion about your website that determines whether they like your site or not, whether they’ll stay or leave.
  • 85% of adults think that a company’s website when viewed on a mobile device should be as good or better than its desktop website.
  • 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience.
  • 77% of agencies believe that a bad website User Experience is a weakness for their clients.

It is clear that the present (and the future) will continue to be well-built and designed websites. So how do you know you are getting what you need from a web designer and developer?

We decided the best way to answer this is to dispel three of the most common myths that companies hear when they are looking for someone to build (or remodel) their website by sharing the success story of one of our website clients, ROOST Real Estate Co.™

MYTH #1: I should have an industry-specific company build my site

This is a myth that companies are very easily roped into. A business owner thinks, “Of course I want someone to build my site that knows my industry inside and out – they will know exactly what I need and want!”

This unfortunately couldn’t be farther from the truth.

You don’t need (or frankly want) someone who is industry specific to build your website. Instead, you need someone who has an excellent understanding of how to design, build, and maintain a website.

But Why?

When companies claim to be “industry specific” for website building, it normally means that they do in fact know a lot about your industry. But nine times out of ten, it also means they know very little about what actually goes into the design and development of a site.

Our philosophy is that a website builder should be an expert in just that – designing and developing a site. As the client, you are the expert in your industry – and you have the ability to paint the picture of your business. Our job is to learn your industry and business inside and out straight from you, and then apply our expertise to your passion. Which brings us to myth #2…

MYTH #2: I just need a vendor that I can task with building my site

We’ve all been there. You know you need a better site, and you think the fastest way to get what you want is to task another company with the project and see the results in a few months.

We are sorry to say this will not end up the way you think it will. Just like any other marketing piece for your company, it should always be a partnership with the agency you are working with.

By having someone in your office be involved through the various steps and milestones of the website build, you ensure that the end product is what everyone thought and hoped it would be.

We have found that the best way to keep our clients in the loop really depends on the client themselves. For example, for the ROOST Real Estate Co. site, we found the most successful way to collaborate was to meet in-person almost every month of the build.

With other sites, our developer will just send progress reports and let our clients know what collateral we need from them.

No matter what level of involvement you choose, we will always recommend it be multiple interactions between the signed contract and the live website date.

MYTH #3: My process for building my website will be completely different – I don’t have time for another new process!

Every website we build at Holmes Marketing is unique to each client on the front end.

We have also created a tested and proven process for building a solid and sustainable website that will be able to grow with our clients throughout the years. This includes brainstorming, creating mockups, writing content, and the actual nuts-and-bolts of the site.

Here’s what our lead designer and developer has to say about the ROOST Real Estate Co. website building process:

There is nothing unique or groundbreaking about the build of this site – and that’s what makes it so amazing. This website is simple, clean, and easy to navigate which is important on any site, but especially for a site with more content than most. On the back end of the site it’s created in such a way that it can easily grow over the upcoming years.


What Does the Client Think?

If you’d like to hear about Chris McAllister’s experience first hand, you can watch this short interview below: