Creating The Right Message.

Written By: Kevin Holmes.

This topic can be expanded into many different thoughts and ideas. Needless to say, there are many things we could say about what is considered the right messaging. So, I’ve decided to write about creating the right message during specific times. Let me explain. During this pandemic, I’ve seen a lot of different messages coming from non-profits, businesses, small and large. The messages range from encouraging people to invest in their services to,  encouragement posts to inspire others to keep strong and spread positivity. 


This is just one example of postings during a specific event. Another one would be during one of the most hectic times of the year. Thanksgiving, Black Friday. What messages do you usually see during this? Well, one message is promoting a lot of sales, discounts, and time changes that make buyers want to go shop more. The other side of the messaging is asking businesses to let their employees stay home for Thanksgiving. It talks about the stress and the lack of consideration from businesses and buyers who decide to go out and shop. Those are two completely different views, right? One promotes early black Friday deals and one is wanting it to shut down.


The question is: What message is the right message during specific times, what signs tell us how the message should be delivered?


You know the phrase, “ learn how to read the room.” You can very well use this for messaging. Looking at the two examples from above, there is definitely a right and wrong way to spread a message. For a crisis, epidemic, sad event, etc. That is an imperative time to read the room. If people are stressed, going through job losses and struggling financially, probably not the best time to be pushing out your services. This can actually turn people away, so be careful! 


Your services can actually help them during a hard time? Great! 


Promote that. Instead of promoting your business and services, create the message in a way that shows an understanding of what they might be going through. Explain that because of everything going on you want to show support by continuing your services and expedite quickly because you want to make sure everyone can get the support they need. This is a lot different than asking people to call and invest in your services. 


What are the signs that will tell you how the message should be delivered?


The first step would be to look for other similar messages businesses are doing. Be very careful, notice the difference between the types of businesses, and see the engagement from the post as this will be very telling.

Most importantly, look at how people are responding. If they need support, give them support. If they need encouragement, give them encouragement. If they are starting to move forward and are showing that they need specific services, then provide them with your services. It is all about understanding the need at the time. 


It is important to understand that that need, won’t always be your services. It might just be a decent dose of humanity showing encouragement and support.


Thank you for reading!


Kevin Holmes is an owner and the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Holmes Marketing Services. He is passionate about giving Holmes clients the best possible experience and exceeding expectations. To discuss how to make your marketing work for you, or to learn more about Holmes, you can contact Kevin at