Content is King: 3 tips to get relative client content on your website

Written By: Kevin Holmes

Content and clientele go hand – in -hand when it comes to the goal of your companies online presence. Meaning, when you are writing anything for a website, you want to write with the client in mind. 

Client in mind. What does that mean?

Recently, I have had the pleasure of working with different types of companies, and I’ve noticed a theme that usually happens during the meeting. We sit down, get to know the company better, get to know their clientele and then we get asked a question

“I have a website and my services displayed on there. So, why am I still not getting the response that I want?” 

They have their website live and their services are accessible on the site, but there is no new organic clientele or growth from their website. To gain a better foundation of where they were coming from, we took a look at their website. 

As we were looking at the website, we came upon a problem that most companies fall into the trap of, in regards to their website. The content on their website was not specific to their clientele.

Meaning, the content that was on their page primarily describes the business and its services but was not reeling in the clients they wanted because their content wasn’t relative to them. 

How do you write relative content for your clientele?


  • Get to know your clients


When you are writing content, it can be difficult if you don’t know the general needs of your clientele. Researching what kind of clients you usually get, and what clients you want to acquire in the future will help write relative content. 


  • Short and Simple


Remember that less is more in the case of content on a website. Let your work speak for itself! When you give away every little detail on the website it takes away from the client coming to you and needing more information! Don’t cut off that line of communication. 


  • Responsibility


I know that when managing a company it gets hectic sometimes and you might not have enough time to be writing content for your website. And that’s OKAY. 

There are special marketing agencies that help guide and make the process painless when it comes to content on your website. Don’t have time for research? That’s fine, let someone else have that responsibility.

Having an understanding of how content affects the clientele traffic that flows to your website will help further along with the growth of your company. 

Kevin Holmes is an owner and the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Holmes Marketing Services. He is passionate about giving Holmes clients the best possible experience and exceeding expectations. To discuss how to make your marketing work for you, or to learn more about Holmes, you can contact Kevin at