ROOST Real Estate Co.

Website Design & Development

A Seamless User Experience

We recognize the power in an accessible, individualized, and responsive website. We accomplish this by following our tested and proven process for building a sustainable website. Through this process, your website will be able to grow with you for years to come. This process includes brainstorming, creating mockups, writing content, and building your site from the ground up.

Direct Agent Access

Since Chris McAllister built ROOST on the strong relationships and success of their agents, we created agent pages that the ROOST team is confident in using and sharing with their potential and current clients.

This website clearly shares the ROOST story along with creating various opportunities for users to continue down the conversion path to speak with a ROOST Real Estate Professional.


The new site’s average Bounce Rate – almost 10% below the average for other real estate websites.


Number of users within the first 3 months of the site going live.


Percent of users accessing the site on a mobile device.

“What I can’t do and will never be able to do is make [the website] real. That piece for me has been a “ceiling of complexity”. I couldn’t get past it, and I needed your team’s help to do that.”

Chris McAllister, Owner

ROOST Real Estate Co.