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Brand Guide & Updated Logo Files

Your organization’s brand standards are one of the most important components to having a successful and thriving business that will withstand the tests of time.

An organization’s core brand is a way to publicly display to the world who you are and why you are in business.

One of the most common problems we run into when working with organizations is their brand guides. Nine times out of ten, an organization has no idea what their brand colors are, where their native logo files are, or what types of files they need for different projects.

We strive to set up each and every one of our clients for success, and we have found one of the first places to start is with their brand guide and standards.

The benefits of a brand guide are…

  • Company Identity. It’s difficult to be confident in what you are selling if you are not fully sure of who you are.
  • Promotional Consistency. As long as you partner with marketing and communication agencies that ensure brand standards, you will never have an issue with a wrong color, logo, or font ever again.
  • Legal Documentation. If anyone ever tries to steal or claim your brand as their own, you have physical proof of your concept and your identity with dates and witnesses.
  • Creativity. When you know your brand, it makes collaboration with marketers and designers a thousand times easier since you can accurately articulate your visions and dreams.
  • Time. When you are ready for a new promotional piece, graphic, t-shirt, etc. you can be sure that your partners will not have to wait on you to find the correct colors, logos, or fonts. You will have quick and easy access to everything you need to get your project started ASAP!

“Mandy Keller, co-owner of iHeart Cleaning, knows what she wants, has passion for her business’ image and is a wonderful collaborator.¬†She has a talent for sharing her story and connecting the values of the iHeart Cleaning brand to those around her. ”

Jenny Reolfi, Designer @ Holmes Marketing

Ability to show brand consistency through various online channels.

A strong business-to-business relationship with a local company for years of marketing expertise and collaboration.

Expertise and input that an organization can trust to always be in their best interest.

”¬†Since receiving our completed Brand Guide, we have been able to clean up our website, print new and important documents for employees etc. Our choice to work with the professionals at Holmes Marketing is proving to be a great one! Thank you to all of the staff who have helped us out so far! We look forward to many years together in this working relationship!

One thing that I really love about Holmes is that if we needed something at the last minute, we will be able to have that banner printed, business cards made, or website redesigned….all local and all under the same roof! There is security somehow in the knowledge that they are just a call away!”

-Mandy Keller, President & CEO

iHeart Cleaning LLC