Are You a Micromanager?
Written By: Jenny Reolfi Leadership is about change, and it takes a great leader to keep an open mind and remain self-aware. Making regular assessments of strengths and weaknesses makes leaders stronger. Micromanaging is a common pain point between leaders and teams. But what is a micromanager and how does Read More
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Calculator, bookkeeping, laptop shown in black and white
Written By: Jenny Reolfi Breaking the Mold When you search “accounting” online, you fall head first into a pictorial sea of paperwork, calculators and stern men and women in suits. With such a rigid perception of accounting, it’s no wonder people feel reluctant to discuss invoices and payments with staff Read More
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Screenshot of Holmes Marketing Website page update
Written By: Carisa Peters Why Updating Your Site can be One of Your Best Promotion Tools Think back to when your organization’s website was first launched and out there for the world wide web to see. What an exciting…and RELIEVING time it was to have that project finished and have Read More
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Business people waiting for job interview
Written By: Carisa Peters How Adding the Right Team Member to Your Small Business Can Make You Laugh or Cry I started interviewing 24 years ago at the inexperienced age of 20, and I did my best to hide the fact that I was probably more nervous than they were! Read More
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Written By: Jenny Reolfi Reinventing Reordering – Custom, Efficient, & Easy-to-use Every organization, big or small, shares a common need for basic printed materials. At Holmes, we believe refilling the little things shouldn’t take a big portion of your time. We’ve brainstormed ways to increase efficiency and ease of access Read More
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Written By: Matthew Metzger When you think of red and yellow, do any brands come to mind? How about blue and yellow? Personally, I think of McDonald’s and Best Buy, but there are plenty of other businesses that have chosen to utilize these colors as part of their identity. Color Read More
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Pencil, sharpener, and eraser on white paper
Written By: Carisa Peters When we are tasked with any design project, whether it’s for print or web use, the word “logo” is always part of the conversation. Promoting an organization, even if it’s not the main focus of the design, should include the logo or branding of that organization Read More
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Written By: Carisa Peters “When your prospects and customers trust you, they are more likely to buy from you. When you have their trust, you can also command a higher price and boost the lifetime value of each customer.” I recently read an article called, 5 Strategies for How to Make Customers Read More
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Brian Holmes installing a large format outdoor window graphic
Written By: Brian Holmes You have probably heard the expression that size does not matter, but when it comes to marketing your business that is clearly not the case. When you open your mailbox, what gets your attention – the tiny little postcard tucked in the corner or the huge Read More
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