digital marketer
Written By: Holmes Team We recently came across this question in our Quora feed. You can check out our answer below: First things first: today, every marketer is a digital marketer in some capacity. Second, we would make the case that while it is important for a marketer to be
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Written By: Holmes Team One of the most exciting, interesting, important, and stressful parts of operating an organization is your brand presence – specifically your logo. We have all experienced our personality growing and evolving over time, and it is important to remember that your organization is no different. As
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How to see the ROI on your graphic design
Written By: Holmes Team I recently came across this question in our Quora Feed: How do you measure the return on investment for graphic design? Return on Investment (ROI) is something that is regularly discussed in business, but for some reason is often left out of the marketing meeting. This
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the marketing maze
Written By: Holmes Team I recently saw this question on our Quora feed. As a marketing agency that offers many different services, we have a lot to say about how to successfully market several different services under the roof of one agency. You can read our response below: Okay, 2
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Instagram login
In today’s digital marketing world, there are thousands of different channels your organization can use. From promotion and time management to communicating with different audiences, the possibilities are endless. This is why we decided to start the 10 Do’s and Don’ts of Digital Marketing. Our first topic will be Instagram
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Man running a marathon
Written By: Holmes Team I recently saw and answered this question on our company Quora newsfeed: Why are digital marketing strategies important for businesses in 2018? Now, my initial thought was to spell out a series of points proving why every business should have a marketing and digital marketing strategy.
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Chas Video Intern Project
Written By: Holmes Team This past Spring, we had the opportunity to welcome Clark State Community College student, Chas Lutterloh, as our video intern. We wanted to share his experience, and decided the best way to do that was by interviewing him! You can read about his experience below… Watch
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fairgrounds visit video
Written By: Holmes Team A few weeks ago, we realized that one of our team members had NEVER been to the Clark County Fair! Since the fair is such a large part of our community, we knew we had to remedy the solution. So, we decided to spend an afternoon
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Cell phone with messaging apps
Written By: Holmes Team I recently had the opportunity to attend a HubSpot Users Group in Cincinnati back in June. The topic of conversation: Messaging, Messaging, Messaging! People want answers where they are at in real time at any time of the day (or night!). Now, in theory, that sounds
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