Dear Clients: You are Always on Our Minds

illustration heart plus brain equals lightbulb
Written By: Carisa Peters

The After Hours Idea Text

Imagine… it’s 10:31 p.m. on a Tuesday evening. You’re finishing an episode of whatever show you’re currently binge-watching and your phone buzzes. It’s your coworker texting you saying, “I have the BEST idea for the [insert client name here]’s website project!” Then the conversation keeps you up for the next two hours because you are coming up ways to build on that idea.

This happens at Holmes, and it happens often. We are a team of problem-solving people who fully immerse ourselves into the success of a project and thoroughly enjoy learning the ins and outs about every organization we work with. Because of that, ideas just hit us, on the drive home, in the shower, while we are traveling or out shopping. As one Holmes team member put it, “Ideas don’t stop when you clock out.”

Lightbulb Moments Ignore the Clock

It can be incredibly frustrating when you set aside time in your work day to create something or solve a problem, but ideas just don’t come. However, we try not to get too discouraged because a light bulb moment will happen when you least expect it! “I was messing around with a WordPress demo one night to see how it worked,” shared Designer/Developer, Mike England. “Once I figured it out, I thought it would be the perfect solution to a problem I was trying to solve on a client website!”

One time I was sitting at the airport in Columbus, waiting to board a flight, and I noticed that the windows had unique frosted blue graphics on them. I walked over, took some photos, and sent them to Owner, Brian Holmes as an idea for clients needing our wide format printing solutions. Print Production coordinator, Matthew Metzger said, “I’m always trying to think of a way we can run a job here that we haven’t been able to do before.” We see something we think would be great for a client, and then we can’t stop trying to figure out how to bring it to life!

Hours of Operation: Anytime We are Awake

It’s not just ideas that happen 24/7. Our service also doesn’t end when we lock the doors at 4:30 p.m. Customer Experience Manager, Kirsten Way shared, “A client had an order that was firmly due on a certain date. That day, she was not going to make it in because of tires being put on her car. I asked her where she was, and it was on my way home, so I dropped them off to her at the tire shop.”

Designer, Jenny Reolfi and Director of Sales and Marketing, Heather Leifheit went to a client’s facility on a Saturday to take photographs for a website project because that’s the date that worked best for the client. The list goes on and on; each person here has an example of something they have done for clients outside their normal daily work.

We share all of this as Valentine’s Day approaches to let you, our clients, know that we appreciate you and think of you outside of meetings and even after our projects come to a close. We truly feel like our love for working with you mixed with our ideas result in the best solutions for you. As a business, our promise is “to make decisions that are in your best interest, communicate openly and be a trusted partner,” and that happens naturally because you’re always on our minds!