Clark County Public Library

Marketing Campaign


Holmes proposed a more comprehensive marketing strategy that would reach targeted groups of people multiple times, through various channels. We created a sub-brand with the tagline, “Do What at the Library?!” to promote the five branches as resources for more than just books.

Project Included:

  1. Direct Mail
  2. Email
  3. Social Media Support
  4. Billboards
  5. Branch Signage
  6. Promo Item
  7. Landing Page


Circulation increased 7% over the previous year and the targeted emails boosted the registration numbers for one of the online databases 50%. The library staff noticed patrons asking about resources that they hadn’t before, and collectively these successes led the Clark County Public Library to sign another 12-month marketing contract for 2016.


Circulation Increase


New Session Increase


Bounced Session Decrease

“When we began looking for a marketing company to help us reintroduce the community to our programs and services, it was important that we stayed local and chose a company that really cared about helping us do our best. Holmes fit our needs perfectly! From the creative concept phase to final delivery… Holmes has taken the time to really get to know the library, who our audience is, and how to help us better connect with them. All the members of their team have been a true pleasure to work with and we look forward to continuing this partnership in the future!”

Allison Peck

Clark County Public Library